Cairns Employment Lawyer Mark Peters
Mark Peters - Cairns Employment Lawyer

Mark Peters - Principal
B A (Macq) LL B (Sydney) M Sc (Oxf), FAICD, FIML

Mark Peters has advised employers and employees on a range of employment law and workplace relations matters locally and internationally in his 30-year career.

In addition to his legal qualifications, he holds a Master's Degree in Industrial Relations from Oxford University.

As a Principal of Peters Bosel Lawyers, Mark delivers exceptional employment law and workplace relations advice to employers across North Queensland, from small businesses to large government organisations and private enterprise.

A Cairns local for more than 25 years, Mark combines his detailed experience in the field of employment law with a feel for the issues experienced by employers in the Cairns and North Queensland region. Mark was drawn to the Cairns region after a 1989 holiday, and in 1991 moved to the area to join MacDonnells Law where, as partner, he established the firm's state-wide employment law and workplace relations practice and managed a team of eight professionals.

Mark established Peters Bosel Lawyers (then Mark Peters Lawyers) in 2010. He is driven by the desire to ensure that employers develop and adhere to good practices in dealing with workplace issues that not only protect the best interests of employers, but afford employees fairness and natural justice.

Mark's primary focus is to ensure employers develop productive and harmonious workplaces which attract and retain first class employees.

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